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How Do I Clean My Natural Stone Floor?

By KleanSTONE | Jan 29th, 2019 | 0 Comments

We get asked this question a LOT! As the experts in natural and engineered stone floor cleaning, people often turn to us to better understand how to care for their natural stone floors.

So many potential buyers are turned off from purchasing a natural stone floor because they think that they are difficult to look after, they are under the impression that stone floors are easily ruined and that a lot of heavy cleaning and maintenance is required to keep them looking the part.

How Do I Clean Natural Stone Floor - Stone Floor Cleaning - Natural Stone Floor - KleanSTONE

Sure, some of that is true and you do need to care for your stone floors more than you would others, but it’s nowhere near as much work as you might think, especially with the help of KleanSTONE’s Floor Cleaning Machines. When cared for and looked after properly, natural stone floors are a thing of beauty and should be relatively easy to clean and maintain.


Sealing Your Natural Stone Floor

The best long-term solution to protecting and cleaning your natural stone floor is to seal it. We recommend sealing your stone floor twice during installation, once before grouting and once after grouting. What this serves to do is ensure that your entire floor is protected, including your grout lines and ensures that they don’t get grubby. Sealing your natural stone floor protects is from permanent staining, it acts a chemical and physical barrier to prevent liquid being absorbed into the surface of the stone meaning spills can be easily wiped and mopped up without leaving any marks on the stone. Our range of sealers for natural and engineered stone are Italian made and have been extensively tested to ensure they are always up to the task. Remember to seal your floor every 2-3 years to ensure it’s extensively protected!

If you’re unsure about sealing your floor – read the KleanSTONE Blog or check out our Cleaning Guides for more help.




Everyday Stone Floor Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your natural stone floor, nothing beats a KleanSTONE machine for performance. Simply vacuum your stone floor to remove any debris and use a neutral stone cleaning solution – our range of stone cleaners have been developed to not interfere with, or damage the stone’s sealer – to break down grease and dirt on the surface of the stone.

Our Deepclean3000 natural stone floor cleaning solution can be used neat, or in a strong solution, in a spray bottle for deep cleaning purposes in high-traffic areas.

However, for everyday cleaning, you simply need to mix your desired ratio of Deepclean3000 straight into your KleanSTONE machine and the rotary brushes will work this into the floor for effective scrubbing.


“My Floor Isn’t Sealed! HELP!”

If your stone floor hasn’t been sealed, it’s not the end of the world! Simply follow our deep cleaning guide using Deepclean3000, or our degreasing cleaning concentrate, to clean the stone thoroughly. Using your KleanSTONE machine, work the stone to effectively remove dirt and potential staining – it may take a few goes over but you will see visible results using the machine.

Once cleaned, you must wait for your floor to dry before attempting to seal it. Once your floor is dry, apply one of our stone sealers following the instructions on the bottle.

Once sealed, you will see a notable difference in how easy your floor is to care for and it’s resistance to staining. You still need to clean it with a KleanSTONE machine but it will be much easier, require fewer passes and stay cleaner for much longer. It really is that simple.

Sealed Stone Floor - Stone Floor Sealers - KleanSTONE

As you can see, caring for a natural stone floor is not as scary as you might have first thought. With just a little care and attention your floor really is an investment in your home and caring for that investment will make a huge difference. Following our simple steps of effective cleaning with a KleanSTONE stone floor cleaning machine, using a powerful, neutral floor cleaner to remove dirt and sealing regularly will keep your stone floor looking like new for years!


Effortlessly Beautiful Floors with KleanSTONE

Gleaming floors inspire confidence and style in any setting, whether domestic or commercial. Here at KleanSTONE, we supply advanced floor cleaning solutions to help you achieve a spotlessly clean, perfectly finished floor without the elbow grease. Our stone floor cleaners tackle spills, stains and everyday grime with ease for a healthier, happier home or work environment.

Our products extend the lifespan of your flooring with powerful, effective cleaning that is gentle enough to use every day and perfect for floors in your home or business, inside and out.

Aside from offering a range of products for stone floor cleaning, we love to share our knowledge and experience from our years helping customers succeed at extending the lifespan of your floors. Read more on the KleanSTONE Blog, explore our Help & Guides or download our range of Cleaning Guides and learn more about how to care for your natural and engineered stone floors so that they last a lifetime!


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