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Spotless Floors in Just one pass

A gleaming floor can make all the difference in your home, whatever the style.

KleanStone’s advanced stone and hard floor cleaning machines give you a spotlessly clean, perfectly polished floor without the hard work. Our machines give you confidence, and your floors a new lease of life. Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself how KleanStone gives you effortless beautiful floors.

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Hygenic Cleaning

Manual floor cleaning with a mop or brush can cause dirt to gather in grout spaces or in the surface crevices of natural flooring such as wood or stone. This provides a breeding ground for bacteria, dulls the natural beauty of your floor and over time, shortens its lifespan.

Multi Surface

Kleanstone offers superior cleaning for all floor types, carpets, and even outdoors to clean pathways and patios without the need for labour-intensive scrubbing. Our machines clean and dry in a single pass, and can be used to apply specialist products such as stain remover, sealer, polish and wax.