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Marvellous Marble: A Guide To Your Marble Floor

What is Marble? To understand the properties of your marble floor, you must first understand what marble is and how it came to be on your floor. For example, did you know that marble, in fact, started out as limestone? When limestone is exposed to heat and pressure it goes through a process called metamorphism,..

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Everything You Need To Know About Your Slate Floor…

What is Slate? To learn about your slate floor, we must first understand slate itself and its journey to eventually becoming your floor. Slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rocks are existing rocks that have gone through a process called metamorphism. Slate in particular starts off as a shale type of sedimentary rock or volcanic..

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What is Travertine?

Travertine is a type of limestone that has been formed in a natural mineral spring, particularly a hot spring. It is formed due to rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate due to the intense heat and movement. Travertine is a rough surface that is easily distinguishable by its pitted holes and troughs. The word travertine comes..

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Get To Know Your Limestone Floor

An important part of caring and maintaining for your limestone floor is to know all there is to know about it. Understanding the composition of your limestone floor will give you the knowledge you need to pick the products required to care for it.     What is Limestone? Limestone is a sedimentary rock that..

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Terracotta Through The Ages

What is Terracotta? First things first, let’s answer the question of ‘what is terracotta?’ Terracotta means ‘baked earth’ in Italian and is essentially just that. It is refined mud that is shaped whilst wet, dried and then hardened in a kiln. It is the oldest type of ceramic in the world, which is why it..

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